About Casey County, KY

Casey County is in the agricultural heart of Kentucky and spreads across the Knobs Region of the state. This area is known for rich soil and beautiful scenery.

Map of the regions of Kentucky
Map of the Regions of Kentucky

Knobs Region

The Knobs Region of the state contains approximately 2,300 square miles of land and borders the southern edge of the Bluegrass Region, forming a horseshoe shaped region. The Knobs Area produces natural gas and oil contained in oil-bearing black shale, primarily from the Devonian age. From an aerial view, it appears that the region is covered in giant door knobs, which are oddly shaped hills. Casey County is situated entirely inside the Knob Region of Kentucky.

Casey County, Kentucky was formed in 1806 and the county seat of Liberty, Kentucky, was established in 1808. This large rural county has a population of just over 16,000.

The great-grandfather of author Samuel L. Clements (aka Mark Twain), Colonel William Casey, was an early settler and is the individual for whom this county was named. Located in the central area of the state, Casey County contains nearly 446 square miles of land.

Special Features of Casey County:

Casey County Courthouse in Liberty, Kentucky
Casey County Courthouse in Liberty, Kentucky
  • US 127 connects the northern and central regions of the state and runs the length of the county
  • Has thriving Mennonite and Amish communities
  • Casey County is “Knob Country” and is the only KY county entirely in the Knobs region.
  • The home county of former Kentucky Governor Wallace G. Wilkinson
  • The current courthouse (built in 1889) and the Liberty Downtown Historic District are both on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Is home to the Central Kentucky Ag/Expo Center
  • Shares the recreational Green River Lake State Park with Adair and Taylor Counties
  • Annual Casey County Apple Festival

Address of the Casey County Courthouse:

Casey County Courthouse
625 Campbellsville Street
Liberty, KY 42539

Casey County Official Website
Liberty-Casey County Chamber of Commerce

Cities and Towns in Casey County:

  • Liberty
  • Bethelridge
  • Clementsville
  • Dunnville
  • Middleburg
  • Phil
  • Creston (Where the Blevins Family Farm resides)


Danville, Lexington and Somerset are all a short drive from Casey County. Cumberland Lake is just a few miles south, and the Cumberland Parkway makes it easy to travel to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Green River Lake is just a few miles to the west.

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