Great Land for Homesteaders or Preppers

Looking for your place in the sun? Try Casey County, KY!
Looking for your place in the sun? Try Casey County, KY!

Are you a rugged individualist? Have you always dreamed of homesteading and living a more simple life? Are you looking for the best property for being totally prepared for anything that might happen?

This land would be the perfect place for an individual or group of individuals seeking a piece of homesteading property that offers it all! It is a preppers paradise!

  • Wooded areas filled with wildlife and resources.
  • An existing older farm house.
  • Cleared, tillable acreage for farming and/or gardening.
  • Fantastic resource of building materials with the aged barn lumber (and a huge barn — with three smaller barns — to safely store supplies and building materials WHILE building!)
  • Spring head with a pipe already outfitted to gain access to pure, fresh spring water year round, and an easy-to-access water table for drilling a well or multiple wells.
  • Minimal building restrictions and low taxes.
  • Two ponds that are ready to be stocked for long-term use as a small-scale self-contained fishery and a third, larger pond already stocked!
  • Land to graze livestock, to build your dream house, a place to build a private retreat, to hunt and fish and to enjoy all that this beautiful region of the state has to offer!

The farm is for sale now. Contact us for more information.

Tree stand for hunting and surviving on the 177+ acres of this Preppers Paradise in Kentucky with independent water sources, stocked fishpond, 3 bedroom house, multiple barns, wildlife and edible wild plants.
Tree stand for hunting on the farm