The Barns

The Blevins Barns

Two old barns, all wood and hand-built by the Blevins family, still stand on the farm. One was built about 75 years ago and is called “the Old Milk Barn” and a second, called “The New Barn,” is a huge Tobacco barn that was constructed in the mid-to-late 1950s.

Both are fantastic examples of the quality product that results from careful construction and high-quality materials (most of the wood is Oak and Poplar — harvested from the farm itself).

Here are a few photos of the exterior and interior of the two Blevins barns:

The Milk Parlor

The Milk Parlor was built in 1996, as an addition to the family-run dairy operation. This new building was sturdily constructed of concrete block, and was run as part of the dairy until 2004.

Here are a few Interior and exterior views of the milk barn, which milked 70+ Holstein and Brown Swiss cows and supplied milk to Southern Belle during those years.

The Charlie Barn

A third barn, the “Charlie Barn,” became a part of the farm when the “Charlie Field” was acquired from Charlie Woods by Papaw “Eddie” Blevins in the 1950s, and an addition to that barn was made by the Blevins family a few years later.

The Charlie Barn is not in good repair — but the value (and sheer bulk) of the fine weathered barnwood it contains cannot be easily dismissed.

The Small Barn Near the House

This barn has four open bays and a fifth half-bay with a tobacco stripping room in the back half. This structure was built by Curtis and his brothers around 25 years ago. Like the other barns, the wood was harvested from the land.

The Ponds

View photos of the three ponds on the property and see a video tour of the stocked fish pond.